Audi: Entering the Pinnacle of Motorsport: Formula One.

On the grid.

Audi has been a dominant force in racing for years, conquering circuits from Pikes Peak to Le Mans. Now, they're taking on their biggest challenge yet by entering Formula One as an engine supplier for the 2026 racing season. When Audi approached us to help them create an announcement trailer for the 2023 Shanghai Motor Show, we eagerly accepted the challenge.

Our goal was to pay homage to Audi's rich history by showcasing iconic moments while keeping the focus on their promising future. We faced an interesting challenge since we didn't have an actual Audi Formula One car to use in the footage. To overcome this, we created a captivating racing atmosphere by repurposing footage from other racing series and designing a graphics package that hinted at the future vehicle without giving away too many details.

We went full throttle to finish the final product in time for the 2023 Shanghai Motor Show, hoping to excite both Formula One and Audi enthusiasts alike.

  • Client: Audi
  • Released: 2023