Fast 9: End Title Sequence

Family is forever.

As huge fans of the Fast & Furious franchise, it was a tremendous honor to be invited to work on the ninth installment, and the first in a series of three films that complete the Toretto story. 

  • Client: Universal Pictures
  • Director: Justin Lin

Main on ends

Partnering with director Justin Lin and his talented creative team, we got to work brainstorming how to best approach the main on ends sequence. Inspired by the first shot of the film, where the lights of the cars on the racetrack reflect in the helmet of legendary driver Jack Toretto, we wondered - what would it be like to see the film from a different angle? Taking the cars and locations featured in the film, we featured franchise iconography in a different way - through the cars themselves.

In a series of shots, we travel across the surface of F9’s vehicles and featured props, seeing their environments reflected across their surfaces as we show the film’s events from a different, macro-level perspective that feels close to the film and its beloved characters (literally!) We decided to end on a shot of Dom’s iconic necklace, soon joined by another to represent his brother Jakob as they embark on their story together.

Subtitles / Locators

We were also asked to create the subtitles you see in the film - an homage to the subtitles of the previous movies in their dynamic and fun energy. 

The locators were also designed and created by us - large and bold, much like F9 itself. Special attention was paid to the first locator - 1989. Its design and treatment were akin to something you might see during that time period - giving it a “film-like” feel to enhance your immersion in the scene.