meet antenna.

We are audio-visual thinkers – fueled by ideas, communicating through story, driven by design. 

The Antenna team has a wealth of experience ranging from renowned work in the field of film title design, groundbreaking broadcast design packages, pioneering motion picture marketing campaigns, and forward-thinking brand experiences on screens of any size and format.

We help filmmakers bring their vision to an audience, partner with brands to discover and sharpen their visual voice, and work with film and television studios to create impactful marketing assets that cut through the noise.

As a team of hands-on artists, we are passionate about what we do, treat our clients as partners, and strive to create work that is inspired, effective, and meaningful.

The team.

Lucas Christman

Lucas is an award-winning designer with over fifteen years of experience working alongside the biggest brands and studios. He has developed visual identities and animations for a variety of films, video games, and brands.

He loves cars.

Jarik van Sluijs

Jarik started his professional career in motion picture advertising and main titles as a designer, animator, and editor. As Creative Director, he has designed over 100 feature film title sequences. 

He also loves cars.

Alexandra Useche

Alexandra is a motion graphics and live action producer with extensive experience in post-production, graphics for motion picture advertising, and feature main title design.

She drives a car.

Featured clients.